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Children grow when they are inspired and given opportunities to develop and satisfy their own curiosity.  Kathy took care of both of my sons when they were toddlers, and both thrived in the safe, thoughtfully-constructed, open-ended environments she created.  As a teacher, Kathy pays attention to each student and tailors learning opportunities for them.  It's beautiful to watch.  The projects my children undertook, the art they created, the ideas they bandied about in our car rides to and from school made me confident that they were learning how to think for and express themselves.  I am very grateful to teachers like Kathy, and a little sad that she's finally opening a Spanish-language pre-school when my boys are already in Elementary.  If you want your kids to grow into the inquisitive, idiosyncratic little gems that they are, you couldn't find a better teacher than Kathy.

Shannon Herbert, Ph. D.
Associate Professor, English 
Santa Monica College

I was always at ease knowing my son was working with Kathy, and I always felt I could go to her with any questions or concerns. Kathy helped me as a parent while helping my child navigate from moving to a toddler to an older child (2-4 years old). He grew to have a strong bond with Kathy, and I could see how clearly he loved her. He was safe in her care, and she was an amazing part of his life for two years. We couldn't have been happier. Kathy is an amazing person, an amazing educator and she truly wants what is best for children.

Former Parent and Colleague 

Carrie Hurley

We LOVE Teacher Kathy & all the co-teachers at NCN!!!   Our 2-yr-old daughter has been attending M-F mornings  for the last eight months.  They play in the sandbox & do crafts & bake & play in the mud and develop fine & gross motor skills and learn big life lessons about empathy for one another, self-reliance, & coping with "big feelings." Not only is the outdoor space a veritable wonderland of play equipment & reading nooks & nature, but the staff here is SO loving.  They helped our daughter transition to their care with so much tenderness (after six straight months of quarantining with mom & dad!!), and they continue to help her with & through milestones.  Yesterday, in the midst of a temper tantrum, she told me, "Mama, I need something to help" ...  Kathy & Lizbeth had taught her that squeezing a stuffed animal could help her cope with & manage her frustration or sadness... and I nearly teared up.  The ability to recognize her emotions and ways to cope with them is such a gift.  I would recommend NCN to any baby, toddler, or preschooler parent.  It is truly a special place
Oh & they have done a phenomenal job keeping the kids safe through Covid!  We cannot say enough good things about NCN, Kathy, & the other teachers!


Current Parent 

Lyn H.

If I could give this daycare 10 stars, I would! My daughter absolutely LOVES Nuestra Casita Nursery! I am a new mom and not originally from the CA area, so the process of going back to work and finding a daycare for my very first child was daunting. I toured an extensive list of daycares in the area, and nothing came close to Nuestra Casita. Everything was either way overpriced, or the daycares were dirty and the staff unfriendly. The minute I took a tour of Nuestra Casita I felt at home. It was a very loving and caring environment. The owner, Kathy, was very welcoming and the place was immaculate, with an absolutely beautiful backyard for the kids to play in and to learn about growing fruits, vegetables, and plants. Even though my daughter is in the youngest group, the day is still very structured and there is time for developmental play, meals and snacks, reading books, music, etc. And I was so happy to find a place that teaches the children Spanish. I had always wished I was brought up bilingual so I'm happy they can teach this skillset to my child. I brought my daughter when she was 3.5 months old and now, she is 8 months and thriving. When I drop her off, she is always smiling...ready to see her teachers and friends for a fun day! Kathy and her staff are like a second family to my daughter. I highly recommend!

Current Parent 

Ashly O.

It would be easy enough to give Nuestra Casita Nursery (NCN) five stars under normal circumstances, but the 2019-2020 school year was anything but normal, and 5 stars simply don't do it justice. Kathy and her staff have not only given us the best daycare experience a parent and child could ask for, but also ensured the overall safety of all families and children through these challenging times.

Our son started attending NCN when he was a year old. Now he's almost 2, and we couldn't be happier with the incredibly caring and stimulating learning environment NCN has created for him. He is so excited to get back to school everyday, especially on Mondays, after wondering how Kathy and friends are doing over the weekend. Kathy has transformed every corner of her backyard into an outdoor classroom with engaging activities in nicely shaded areas that support her play-based, research-driven curriculum. We are so grateful that our son gets to learn and play with other kids outdoors as he interacts with nature on a daily basis. When he gets home, he surprises us with the new words he has learned in both Spanish and English.

As many parents know, it was tough to make the decision on where to enroll our son; after all, this would be the place where he would spend a majority of his day. However, after the very first time we met Kathy and saw her space, we quickly realized that Nuestra Casita Nursery truly was the home-away-from-home experience in which our son's academic, intellectual, and social-emotional needs would be nurtured.

Today we look forward to another year at Nuestra Casita.


Current Parent 

Paulo T.


Kathy was the primary teacher for my son Lucas when he was a toddler and then again while he in pre-school. The quick summary is she is amazing and we were lucky having her teach Lucas. 


The longer version is that Lucas loved Kathy and thrived with her. She helped him gain the confidence to break out of his shell.  She also taught him how to set boundaries, how to resolve conflicts with other kids and how to be empathetic and caring for those around him. I felt like Lucas got a very good start at learning the emotional intelligence skills that help you thrive in today’s world. 


I have nothing but good things to say about Lucas’ first five years and Kathy was a major part of that. She is warm, caring and patient and your child will be a better person because of her.


Phillip Tate

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