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About Us


Nuestra Casita Nursery is an in-home childcare and preschool program serving infants to children 5-years-old. It offers a beautiful, safe, and nourishing homelike environment for children to experience the world at their own pace. Materials and natural elements are displayed beautifully and thoughtfully throughout the environment to encourage creativity and a connection to our world. Children’s work is given value by appreciating the processes over the end product, and the importance of their work is shown through documentation and display. The atmosphere conveys the clear sense that children and their work are important, valued and appreciated. 

We are passionately committed to promoting the Spanish Language to young children. With the brain being wired to absorb language at such a young age, we take advantage of this opportunity to provide both native and non-native speakers the chance to learn a second language. We provide English-speaking children with an excellent introduction to a second language while helping Spanish-speaking children maintain their native language as they also learn English. Children in the program hear both English and Spanish throughout the day from our amazing bilingual educators.

Our small group setting and high teacher-to-child ratios allow for ample attention and guidance, which is important in providing an environment where the child feels safe, secure and loved. Families experience the richness of an intimately warm and supportive community as the children gain confidence in themselves and working with others. Our program is a home away from home, where you can know that your child is being cared for as if they were our own. With the need for safety being a top priority even more due to Covid, please know that we have your child's best interest at heart. We follow all CDC guidelines as well as licensing regulations pertaining to Covid.

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